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In 2014, Lovelyn gave birth to her beautiful daughter and became a mother. Being pregnant is a blessing and the most incredible feeling that a mother will go through. You should expect to enjoy your months being pregnant and carrying your child. But it wasn't in her case, this was due to the fact she was dealing with depression. She was miserable with motion sickness for over nine months. She also didn't have the best support that you would expect from your love ones. She suffered with suicidal thoughts, severe migraine, and painful sciatica.

During this fragile time and joyous moment, you should be stress free and always happy with normal tendencies of what expecting mothers should go through. She's not saying she didn't get any support but she wouldn't want anyone to go through with what she went through. Her partner at that time was dealing with addiction and pain medication for his back. Which led him to make horrible choices, one was using their rent money to purchase his medication, which he bought from the streets. Because he was dealing with his withdrawal symptoms, it made Lovelyn suffer with depression with the thoughts of how will they pay for their bills. She also had to deal with his anger issues, which heighten his condition due to the medication. 

When she was dealing with the decision of having to stop herself from taking anymore medications due to her migraines and cutting herself by ending her life. Lovelyn had to dig deep inside herself and pray that she will get through this and leave it to God. How dare she cause harm to herself and one of the most precious gift from heaven? She persevered and when her daughter was born, she was so thankful that no harm or stress came to her child. Lovelyn vouched to never think that way, to always pray and cast out and rebuke the ill feelings and demons that surround her. At that time, she lost her friendship with a long time friend who she thought would always be there for her. She was not in the best emotional state as she was still dealing with her partner. But they say trials and tribulations can turn into your testimony and Lovelyn can attest and believe it. 

Lovelyn have been in the spa and wellness industry for quite a while but never specialized or had the desire to really focus on one modality. But her ordeal inspired her to want to work with pregnant women and that she found her purpose. She wants to let women know that it doesn't have to be that way. Whether you are dealing with someone suffering from an addiction but especially if you are pregnant. This should be the best and most memorable time of yours and your child. It is a sacred time and a bond that should be spent and experienced with love and care. 

Lovelyn's wish is to reach future mothers and moms out there and that by sharing her story, she is  not only able to reach out and share her experience but also inspire. She wants to show that pregnancy is a natural journey that all mothers will go through and there is help and power in nurturing your whole being with wholistic healing. Lovelyn also wants to show ways of lessening the pain and natural way that any women will go through during pregnancy. To remind them to enjoy the path that they are about to embark, a beautiful journey ahead. She hope and look forward to meeting women who will become pregnant or already mothers. May they encounter an abundance of good energy, protection, great health, and blessings their way. Namaste!

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